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Nyonya Catering

Nyonya Catering

Nyonya cuisine is a type of cuisine in Malaysia. It is a cooking of the strait Chinese which trace their lineage to Chinese and Malays. Their cooking is a combination of the styles of the two races.

Nyonya food was invented in Malaysia by the Peranakan people. It utilizes mainly Chinese ingredients and blends them with spices from South East Asia such as lemon grass, sambal, coconut milk, turmeric, chillies and screwpine leaves.

Some of their dishes include chicken stew cooked with coconut palm sugar and salted soy beans known as ayam pongteh. Also available is chicken dish cooked with nuts gotten from mangrove tree in Malaysia and know as ayam buah keluak.

Nyonya are partly malay and partly Chinese. They cook very spicy and hot foods loaded with turmeric and ginger. Their recipes are usually creative and the methods of cooking are elaborate. Other Nyonya dishes include Enche kabin which is a small chicken piece marinated in oyster sauce and soy. Chicken Kapitan which is chicken curry that is made with tamarind juice, fresh turmeric root, candlenut and belachan is another Nyonya cuisine.

A favorite past time in Malaysia is Eating. Malaysians eat a lot. There are lots of restaurants in Malaysia known as mamaks that run for 24 hours. They cater for hunger pangs that occur at midnight amongst Malaysians.

It is no coincidence that Malaysia is a true paradise for lovers of food as it is a multi racial and multi cultural society. They do not only have the best of foods from each culture, but also cultural integration has produced more types of cuisines.

Nyonya catering can cater all kind of corporate/ family events e.g. wedding catering, house warming catering etc.

When it comes to Nyonya catering, you will be faced with the puzzling decision of how best you would want your dishes to be served to your guests and you would want to ensure that they receive the best of treatment and everyone will leave the event venue happy.

When you are saddled with the responsibility of planning a Nyonya catering event, you might want to make use of catering principles to reach a decision on the kind of catering service you need for your event. The choice of caterer you make use of could translate to either have a thoroughly organised occasion or one that will raise up lots of issues. We can offer a great planning for your function.

If you prefer a style of serving for the food, we are always open to ideas from our clients. Our staff can also assist in making decisions about the presentation style of the food. We can also work hand – in – hand with you to determine the best layout for the tables and chairs.

It is important to get a good caterer especially for Nyonya catering because

  • not many caterers can provide high quality Chinese food as it requires lots of both Malay and Chinese cooking skills.
  • we are always the first choice when people in penang looking for nyonya style catering,
  • we even have special decoration for nyonya theme.

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Nyonya Catering October 23, 2014