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Home catering covers celebration and events for family and friends e.g. full moon, birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. When it comes to home catering, you have to make the difficult decision of how you want your food to be served to your guests. You want to make sure that they get the best food and that everyone goes home happy.

If you are to oversee the job of planning a home event, you can make use of catering principles to select the catering service you want for your event. Your choice of a caterer can be the difference between having a well organised event and one that will leave you concerned and frazzled. We can provide some level of planning for your event.

If you like a particular type of style for serving the food, we will be willing to follow your lead. We can assist you by making suggestions about the food presentation style. Some of your guests may have allergies or other dietary needs. We can help you in preparing alternative dishes such as low-sodium diets, vegetarian foods or diabetic diets.

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We can work together to determine the correct layout of tables and whether you prefer a particular type of flatware to determine the mood. We can also help you decide whether the tables are to be square or rounded. If you have a theme color for center pieces and table clothes, we can work closely with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

There are lots of works behind the provision of home catering like choosing right theme, decoration, choosing right menu that caters for kids and elders, serve your guests etc

You need to decide the kind of food you want for your home event. We have our own list of foods that we are able to serve and you can make a choice from this list. If you have your own list of food items that you want to be served at your home event, we will gladly accept to cook and serve it for you. We can provide a home-cooked food style/menu for your event.

Part of the bid that we will provide you will specify the number of staff that will be needed to prepare and serve the dishes. The bid will be specific so that you will know how much is to be charged for food labor, decorations and other items. We will also include food for the performers and entertainers that will be in attendance. You may decide whether these groups of persons will be served with separate meals or they will be served together with the guests.

When organising a home event, catering services is always a part of the important decisions you will have to make. As an experienced catering company, we will be much more than a cook for your event. We can be able to help provide you with much more than just the food items. We can also organise efficiently and also provide expert advice when it comes to event planning, venue selection, equipment and staff and we will also provide you with information concerning catering for specialised dietary requirements.

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Home Catering May 18, 2014