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Halal Catering


Halal catering is an important one for most functions/events/occasions especially in Malaysia where the majority of people in Malaysia are Muslims.Halal caterers are the most suitable for Muslim occasions. As regards to event planning and catering, Halal caterers can overcome any challenges and social obligations.

We have partnering caterer who can provide halal food. You visit to their page for halal catering services:


Salt and Pepper Catering - Halal Caterer


They are specialists when it comes to providing food dishes that adhere strictly to Muslim and Islamic dietary laws. They are fully competent and knowledgeable at dealing with all of these traditions.

As a provider of Halal catering service, our partner understand how important it is to abide by these laws. They are experienced in providing the logistics of organisation and have the ability to put things together in a seamless and orderly fashion.

A great choice for a Halal event/occasion/function is a professional Halal Catering expert who is accustomed and knowledgeable at dealing with these occasions. Choosing a company to provide the best Halal catering service will guarantee the occasion go smoothly and the guest will be satisfied after an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Our partnering caterer and us are willing to accomplish all that is required to make you pleased and completely satisfied with our catering service. We will plan for foods that are suitable to your cultural requirements and are also proven to be religiously ideal. They will make sure that there are no pork content in the dishes we prepare and that they are also carrion free. Blood will be completely cleared from the meat we will prepare and the meat will also be thoroughly cooked. They will make use of animals that are slaughtered in the name of Allah.

In choosing a caterer for your event, ensure that they have an understanding of all dietary laws to be adhered to in Islam. If they do not specialise in this kind of catering, then their services will be unacceptable to a good number of guests. Islamic laws are strict when it come s to alcohol and meat. The last thing you would want is to upset any of your guests.

Alcohol refreshment will not be included in the drinks that will be provided by us. Your pleasure and satisfaction will always be our number one priority. They can provide lamb cutlets and cubed cheese if need be. They can also provide a variety of vegetables and rice dishes. Other options include salads and sandwiches.

Certainly, all caterers have different alternatives when preparing dishes. One thing for sure is that we will prepare all foods according to the Halal guidelines.

Why it is important is to get our partner as your Halal caterer?

  • they have specially hired Muslim chef and workers for Halal catering.
  • their chef is well-known for preparing both Chinese style Halal food menu and also Malay style Halal food.
  • they are experienced to cater for all kind of big occasions.
  • they know the exactly procedure for preparing Halal dishes.

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Halal Catering May 18, 2014