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Finger Food Catering


Food that can be eaten with one’s hand without the use of utensils is known as finger food. Snacks and appetizers fall under this category. This type of food is very common when compared to other food alternatives because of its cost effective nature. It makes a good impression on your guests and it is pretty easy to serve.

Finger foods are popular for events such like birthday, weddings, engagements and other special events.

Finger food catering is an important and convenient catering for family, friends and corporate events.

Flavours Finger Food Catering

Generally, finger food menu consist of food items such as potato wedges, risotto balls, spring rolls, samosas, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, miniature beef pies, hot dogs, miniature quiches and pizzas. Finger foods are more popular these days because it provides a variety of choices which are inexpensive.

Making use of Finger food catering for your events will allow you socialize better and puts you and your guests at ease during conversations. Finger foods make talking easier and there is a less likelihood of making a mess of yourself with food stuffs.

Another advantage of finger food catering is that it dispenses the need for guests to sit down while eating, which may disrupts conversation. It also eliminates the need for knowledge of the use of cutlery and proper etiquette which sometimes puts guest in an embarrassing situation.

Finger food catering is budget friendly and because many finger foods do not require any sort of hot storage or cooking, it is a cost effective alternative to regular catering. With finger foods, you reduce any extra expenses that are usually included in full course catering such as the use of table linens and cutlery.

Regardless of whether you are new to event planning or not, it is usually difficult to attend to all the needs of event planning. You will frequently find yourself being pulled in different directions as lots of things will be clamouring for your attention. A good advice for you is to delegate some of the various task to other people so as to enable you take on a supervisory role instead of bearing all the responsibilities alone.

Finger food catering provides an opportunity for you to secure the services of a professional company to bear the responsibilities involved in such a highly complex task as finger food catering.

There are lots of works to be done in providing finger food catering such as food preparation, choosing a decoration, choosing right menu that cater kids and elders etc, serve the guests etc.

It is important is to get us as your finger food caterer because:

  • We are specialist in this catering: we can offer different style of finger food, from Malay style, Chinese Style and also English Style.
  • Our Pastry is one of the famous one in Penang.
  • We make use of great quality ingredients in the preparation of finger foods
  • We have trained and qualified and experienced staff in our team
  • We can provide cost effective service to suit your budget.
  • We can organise the best recipe for any gathering, party or official meeting.

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Finger Food Catering May 18, 2014