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About Us

The FLAVOURS Catering Penang

The Flavours catering is one of the top rated caterer in Penang. We have more than 20 years experience in catering services. We are specialised in providing food and buffet catering services in Penang. We are well-known with our customised menu and we are one of the pioneer who can customised decoration to suite your theme.

As an experienced and professional caterer, our catering services is not only limited to food preparation, it also includes, photography, floral arrangements, food presentation, staffing services and many more. Individuals and companies prefer to hire us to provide high quality catering services for all sorts of parties, meetings, gatherings and festivals.

Here are some important roles played by us:

Menu Planning

We have two approaches to menu planning: set menus and customizable menus. Whatever the approach may be, it is the responsibility of us to prepare the menu. This may include designing plate presentations and crafting unique recipes for a client’s event. We as caterer will also handle inventory and purchases. We will have enough ingredients to prepare the menu for events and ensure a proper rotation of inventory so as to manage food orders and avoid food wastage.

Food preparation and service

Our main responsibilities are responsible for the preparation of food. This includes cooking on-site at events, preparing the ingredients for a recipe, and serving the guests through a buffet system or at tableside. We will ensure that the dishes are prepared in line with sanitation regulations and the state health department food safety as well.

Food and drink services

We as caterer will provide a wide clientele with waiters on uniform, licensed beverage services and kitchen staff for the smooth running of an event. Experienced caterer like us have the expertise to provide great varieties of menu as the event demands. We also present dishes in an attractive manner to appeal to clients.

About Us May 3, 2014